What is the most important thing in your life?


When you reach the end of your life, what will matter most?

Will you ask the nurses to carry you out to your brand new Mercedes Benz for one last ride? No.

Will you look at your degree, framed in oak, and think, that made my life worth it? No.

Will you find comfort in re-reading your financial statements? Of course not!

The only thing that will truly matter, will be having the right people around you (your family and friends) to support you through your final breath. Now, if those people will matter most then, shouldn’t they matter most now?

Unfortunately, we live in a system that sells us the idea that we are winners if we surrender in silence to slavery, putting work above all other priorities. We end up building other people’s dreams, while ours go to the grave with us.

If you cannot determine what your path is, that’s fine… but don’t settle. Don’t ever settle.

Keep searching.

Keep asking.

Keep challenging.



Much love,


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