Don’t surrender your dreams to silence

Have you surrendered in silence to slavery?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you only did the work that you loved doing, during the hours that you choose?

Well, I’m in the very fortunate position where my life is exactly like that, I’m an entrepreneur. Most people look at entrepreneurs with envy, wishing they could follow their path… I’m here to tell you that you CAN!!!! I joined the corporate world after studying and stayed there for 4 years. From day one, I started asking myself, is this it?

I felt so underused and undervalued and wanted to take that leap of faith and follow my dream. I didn’t. I was scared. Poop scared. Until, a fateful day, I received a letter stating that my role was redundant and I was being let go. At the time it felt like my world was coming apart, what I didn’t see is the blessing of being forced to take a chance on myself.

I’m not over a year into my own business, earning double if not triple what I was in corporate and enjoying life on my terms. I don’t say this to impress you but rather to impress upon you, that if I can do it (with limited skills, networks and capital) then why can’t you?

Don’t surrender in silence to slavery, you have something great to do here!

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