The 4 personalities you MUST KNOW when negotiating

We’ve all needed to negotiate before in our lives. Perhaps it’s as simple as negotiating where to go for dinner with your better half, or perhaps more complex, like asking your boss for a raise. Either way, negotiation is an art, which requires more considering other than just asking for what you want.

In this week’s article we will discuss the 4 main personalities in the world and how to better negotiate with them. The 4 personalities are; Drivers, Analyticals, Socialisers and Creatives. Let’s understand each in more detail.


The driver is the kind of person who seeks outcomes and results. They want things to move quickly and they are constantly asking the question, who can I blame? They want to give people tasks and aren’t scared to shout at them if the task isn’t completed on time. With these people you need to give them measurable outcomes. When asking for a raise, tell them you want a raise based on an increase in work output. Negotiate with them what KPIs you need to reach in order to get the raise you want, then work towards producing more. This will always work with a driver.


The analytical is a softer and more introverted kind of person. They require all the facts and then they also require time to make a decision. With these people it’s important to explain your reason for wanting a raise based on facts. Put together a researched proposal of why you deserve a raise (use comparables of other people who have similar qualifications and experience as you, but who are earning more as a reference). You need to convince them with facts. Once you have made your case, give them a week to consider your offer. These people need time to reflect, understand and research. Give them the facts and the time and you’ll have a great chance of winning them over.


The socialiser is all about the people. They love people and sharing memories with people. With these personality types, make sure that you are focusing on commonality. Spend time talking about things you have in common and build a relationship. Once you have achieved that, you need to take them out of the work environment (perhaps to a bar) and discuss your raise. With socialisers it’s critical to point out that you don’t feel you are being fairly compensated. If you have built the right kind of relationship with your manager, he/she will be driven to give you a fair compensation. They always want to be fair to their friends.


The creatives are very hard to find in most corporate settings. They would mostly be your marketing and learning and development people and what they require is a deeper meaning. You cannot go to a creative and say you want more money for a car, but rather, you need to explain that an increase in raise will give you the time to follow your passion of music or travelling… It’s important to phrase the need for a raise in a way that pulls the heart strings of the creative, as they are driven by their emotions, not facts.


In summary, to get the best results, you mustn’t use a one fits all approach, but rather find out what kind of personality the other person is and then spend time negotiating with them how they like to be negotiated. You will find your success in negotiation goes up 10 fold.


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