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In the East they have a tree called the Chinese Bamboo tree. The seed of this tree is a very hard nut. Once you’ve put it into the ground, you have to spend over 5 years of watering and nurturing this nut before it even breaks through the ground. Can you imagine watering something for 5 years before you see any results? After the 5 years, once it has broken through the ground, the tree grows 90 ft in 6 weeks. It has an incredible growth trajectory and worth every second of the 5 year process.

The question is, did it take 6 weeks or over 5 years for the tree to grow 90ft? Of course, over 5 years.

This is the kind of mind-set we need when following our dreams. Whether it’s starting a business, or changing a career, or becoming a master on an instrument… we have to have patience, perseverance and positivity.

You see, what will happen is you will be watering and nurturing your dream and people are going to laugh at you. Laugh at you watering for 5 years and not seeing any results. When I started with my Facebook page I had so many people, people I thought were friends, laugh at me and tell me that I was being crazy. That I couldn’t inspire anyone. And that my YouTube videos weren’t good, that I didn’t have the skills… and I thought to myself, you’re right. I don’t. These videos are still a work in progress. My Facebook page still needs some work… but how else am I going to learn this stuff without trying?

That was my mind-set. I completely agreed with them, but honestly I didn’t see another way of getting better without trying and failing and learning. And it’s so funny, a couple of weeks ago I saw one of these “friends” and they asked how my Facebook page was doing. I told them they we had 25 000 followers and her jaw dropped. One of my favourite quotes is that of Frank Sinatra who said, “The best revenge is massive success.”

She started asking me all of these questions like, how did you do it? Can you teach me? … Turns out that she wants to do the same thing and start an online business. People will start by asking why are you doing something… and once you have some success in that arena, they will ask you how you did it.

So my recommendation for this video is to plant your dream today! Start now and learn along the way. Water your dream every day. Nurture every day and when people laugh at you, know that it is just part of the process. The process of learning your product, networking with the right people, understanding the market needs, practising your sales pitch, enhancing your marketing approach… it’s all about preserving, patience and remaining positive.


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