Overcoming the biggest excuse most people have…


The right time

People are constantly asking me what the biggest challenge that most people face. From my experience it’s the excuse that of it not being the right time to be doing something.

People say, the economic climate is not right to start a business. It’s not the right time for me to speak to this girl or boy that I like. Things aren’t exactly perfect yet… I’ll wait until the conditions are better.

I think it’s sad to wait for the right time. Don’t you? The right time? Is there ever a right time to do anything?

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, “I want to wait until we are financially secure before we have kids.” Now be honest, who of you would still be here if your parents waited until they were financially free. Great, SA would have a population of about 500 – the 500 financially free people.

My parents are perfect examples. They were in their late twenties, just started their own business and they were working jobs on the side to be able to keep the business going. They were as far from financial secure as anyone, yet they had 3 kids. And they did an absolutely phenomenal job raising us. It wasn’t about waiting for the right time, it was about getting their hands dirty and learning along the way. And that’s the kind of mind-set that we need to adopt if we ever want to pursue our dreams.

People waiting for the right time are people waiting for their ducks to be in a row. Ducks in a row, means that everything has to be exactly right before they take action. Last week I was in Pretoria and I spent some time at LC dam which is full of ducks. I was busy prepping for this episode and I thought I would look at the ducks and see if they ever came in a row. I spent about 2 hours waiting for this family of 5 ducks to get in a row. Eventually another hour past and it seemed like a miracle was going to happen. The ducks started to walk towards each other. They came closer and then eventually they were in a perfect line… for about 3 seconds and then a person threw some bread and they scattered around.

I use this as a metaphor to explain that in life even if you wait until your ducks are in a row, they won’t be for a long time. And if you keep waiting for the ducks to be in a row, you might end up waiting indefinitely and end up with your dreams buried alongside your body. They say that a graveyard is the richest place in the world because all inventions and dreams that people didn’t execute, live there. People who didn’t follow their passion and they left the world without giving all of their stuff.

So my recommendation is to follow the Ready Fire Aim principle. It’s very simple. You get Ready, you Fire and then you Aim. This means that before you get all the knowledge about something, you jump right in. And on the way you will learn what you need to learn.

I’m reminded of the Apollo ship that went to the moon. There was a certain trajectory that the ship needed to follow in order to get to the moon. The funny thing is that the ship was only on track 3% of the time. That means that 97% of the time the ship was course correcting. What I love most about this story is that they still reached the moon, even though they were off 97% of the time. It’s the same with anything we want to do, whether it’s starting a family, owning a business or learning an instrument… in the beginning it may seem hard but as long as you are trying you will eventually get it right.

Finally, don’t let “the right time” stop you from making this the best time. Start now, start early and start when you are not ready… because that is the only way you are going to learn. Ready, Fire, Aim.

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