This one principle change my life!

Perception becomes reality… right?

Our thoughts become our beliefs. Our beliefs become our actions. And our actions become our results. If you want to change your results, change your thinking.

You know whenever I come home to my place and I see a few shirts lying around and a couple of dirty dishes in the sink, I see character. A home that is lived in to the fullest. When my mom comes over, she feels like a hurricane has just swept through the house. It’s amazing how we both look at the same image, but see something completely different. This is known as perspective. The best thing about perspective is that we can choose what to focus on and it changes our thinking, our beliefs, our actions and our lives.

Chores vs Priorities

One of my friend’s mom was busy washing the dishes. She was smiling from ear to ear and had a little wiggle in her step. My friend, who was confused at what he saw, asked his mom, “Why do you enjoy dishes so much?” His mom laughed and said, “I’m not just doing dishes, I’m making sure that my home is clean for the most important people in the world.” Her perspective on the dishes was more than just a chore but rather a meaningful activity. Her perception changed the way she experienced washing dishes.

See the beauty

On the other side of the coin I know a very successful businessmen. In his business he employs over 500 people and is financially free 10x over. A met him the other day for a coffee and asked him what he likes most about his business. He spent 20 minutes telling me about the headaches he has from his staff, the fires he has to put out and the constant tension of the stakeholders breathing down his neck. It’s no wonder his blood pressure is through the roof and his happiness in the drain. If he had to just step back and look at his situation with a brighter lens, he would see he is blessed and highly favoured. He is the reason for over 500 families having food. He is the reason for inspiring many young entrepreneurs who want his success. He is the reason for putting South Africa on a global scale.

Perception becomes reality. And if we can change our perception, we can change our thinking. If we can change our thinking we will change how we act. If we change our actions, we will change our results and change our lives. In the end, you will change the game.

Much love, Laurens

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