3 choices to change your LIFE

Power of Environment

While on holiday I had the pleasure of spending a lot of quality time outside, in nature. It was incredible. While spending time in nature I felt calm, peaceful and free, have you ever felt that before? There is a saying that nature is the best therapy, and I couldn’t agree more.

When I returned home my energy changed very quickly. I went from a peaceful state of mind to an adrenaline pumped, stress induced hyperactivity. I realised that our environment has an incredible impact on our emotions, well-being and sense of self.

Many years ago there was a study done to prove my point. A few social scientists took a group of old people between the ages of 75 and 80 years old. They created an environment for these old people that was similar to when they were 45 years old. They had newspapers reprinted from the time they were 45. They had TV shows and music playing from that time. They even asked the test subjects to act and work like they were 45. This means that 75 and 80 year old men and women were on the phone talking about business strategy, while the golden oldies were playing in the background.

Quite an extensive study, but the results were phenomenal. They held these subjects for a few weeks and then tested them in several ways. They tested their health, IQ, memory, happiness levels… and what they found is that after just a few weeks the subjects had greatly improved their health, IQ, memory and happiness. On average there health improved by over 5 years. Their IQ and memory over 8 years. Random people were shown photos of the men and women before and after the experiment and the random people said that the subjects looked on average 3 years younger in the after photos. What does this mean? Our environment has an incredible impact on us.

Let’s look at some areas where you can impact your environment to live a better and more fulfilled life;

  1. Choose the people you want in your environment

I have never seen a maths wiz hang out with a bunch of druggies. That is because we become like the people we surround ourselves with. As Les Brown says, “Birds of a feather, flock together.” If you sit with dogs, you’ll pick up flees. So take some time and determine if you are surrounding yourself with the right people.

  1. Choose what you consume

There is a basic philosophy. You are what you consume. Input equals output. If all you do is eat KFC, watch reality TV and surround yourself with negative people, then all you will be is KFC, reality TV and negativity. What you consume, you become… choose wisely.

  1. Thoughts and self-talk

If you had friends that talked to you the way you talk to yourself, would you still be friends with them? We have the biggest impact on ourselves, if we blame, reject and bring ourselves down, then that is what we will portray. You become what you think. Try this, think of 10 reasons why you love yourself. Repeat them to yourself every day.

At the end of the day we are a product of our environments, if we want to change we must change our environments.

Much Love, Laurens

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