If babies can, why can’t you?

Stop living your FEARS, live your DREAMS instead

The biggest excuse I hear from people about why they can’t achieve their dreams is because they don’t know how to start.

I don’t know how to paint, that’s why I haven’t become a professional painter. I don’t know how to play music, that’s why I haven’t started my band. I don’t know how to write, that’s why I haven’t become an author. I don’t know how to buy properties, that’s why I haven’t become financially free.

You’ve got it the wrong way around… you are not born a writer. You are not born with talents. JK Rowling and Dan Brown weren’t born with pens and papers. Picasso wasn’t born with a paint brush. The Beetles weren’t born with a drum set. They all worked towards their dreams. There is a beautiful book by Malcolm Gladwell called the Outliers and it explains that everyone who has done something remarkable (and he uses Bill Gates as an example) have spent over 10 000 refining their craft. Building mastery in an area they love. Every legend in life started a amateur… all they did is practise, practise, practise until hey became the master of their art. Now they get to sell their gift to the world.

Therefore, it’s not about being perfect, or even good at something, you can start! NOW! I remember at school I barely passed languages. Afrikaans and English… jeez I hated both of them. I hated reading, writing and especially comprehension. And poetry, don’t even get me started. I thought it was the worst subject in the world. I just passed and was thankful that it came to an end.

Now if you’ve heard my story you would know that I am an author of a couple of books. Not because I love the language, but because I’ve also had an imagination that was wild. I could sit for hours alone in the backyard and entertain myself with damsel in distress stories. I would have action figures and play out intricate stories with twists and love interests and it made time fly by. So I started putting pen to paper and writing the stories that were in my head. I had a couple of stories together and then I thought maybe there is a book here. I didn’t know where to start, but I had a friend that had written a book so I asked him.

To my dismay, he didn’t say things like you have to have the right framework and skill set, you have to develop a writers methodology and plan the ploy… no he said, writing a book is just writing one hundred little paragraphs and each paragraph is just a couple of sentences. To write a book is just to write everyday a little bit. Then he walked away and said hey man, I need your help. He said, don’t worry, you’ll figure it out along the way, just write every day. And you need to be the same with your dream, you don’t need to have it all figured out, but just work on it a little every day.

Now you might be sceptical that you can learn anything, but let me prove it. Think about babies. How many times do babies fall? Countless times!!! I know, I’ve seen a video of myself when I was a baby learning to walk. At first, babies stumble to their feet and fall on their bums. This happens time after time after time for a few months. Then you stand for a few seconds and then you fall again. You keep trying until eventually you can walk across the room. Then you start jogging and running and eventually you become a walking machine.

The funniest thing is that every single healthy adult, is able to walk!!! Why is that? Because they never gave up! They kept going.

Now if a baby can do it, what is stopping you?

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