Mastery – where to begin??


I have had the privilege of writing and publishing a book. It was not an easy task, but I knew that one day I would call myself an author and I always stick to my word. Over the past few years I have written more books and had many people ask me how? How did you do it?

Writing a book seems like a daunting task to most and to be honest, when I started writing my first book I didn’t think it would turn out like it did. I thought maybe I would write a few paragraphs, create a small blog and maybe share those stories with friends and family. Though, after 6 months of diligent writing, I finished the 60 000 word book. Today I am finishing up my third book, which is a thriller novel and exceeds 120 000 words.

Writing and publishing a book helped me understand that anything can be mastered as long as you preserve enough. It’s not about writing 60 000 words in one weekend, it’s about writing a couple of words every day for 6 months. Sticking with it, even when everyone around you thinks you’re crazy. Even when the person staring back at you in the mirror has hopelessness in his eyes. Even when work is incredibly busy or you’re tired… you preserve through it and work a bit at your dream every day.

To give you some perspective, my second book, Awaken the Beauty, I wrote in 4 months and this was during a terrible break-up, finding a new love and getting fired at work. I was going through more than just turmoil, my life was falling apart and coming together in new ways. It was an unbelievably tough time for me emotionally, but I followed the simple principals of daily diligence. It takes just a few hundred words per day to make a book. It takes just a few daily routines to build a business. It takes just a few dates per week to find the love of your life. It takes a few daily routines to make anything in your life work. Mastery is simply doing a few great things every day.

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