The Secret Sauce to SUCCESS

Success leaves clues, the question is are you following the right detective?

“Model someone who’s already successful… because success leaves clues.” ― Tony Robbins

The secret sauce to success

One of the greatest achievements in my life is that I have written and published a book. Often people will say they too want to write a book but they believe it is impossible. That is exactly how I felt, until I met a mentor who had already written many books. He told me about the books he had already written and I was shocked when he told me he was only 32. At that stage he had written 6 books, and he only started writing when he was 28. I thought to myself, if he could do it, why can’t I?

That’s when I jumped into high-gear and one month later I had written 300 words. Yip, quite depressing, isn’t it. And all those 300 words were written the afternoon after I met with my mentor. I had such motivation when I met him, but the following days and weeks the motivation crumbled. At our next meeting he asked me what was standing in my way and I told him that it is too big a task. I said that writing a book of about 60 000 words would take me too long. He then took out a pen and paper and showed me that if I write 300 words per day (7 days a week) I would have my first book written in 200 days (just over 6 months). I couldn’t believe that it would only take that long. He told me that small daily practises are what make books. It’s not like someone writes 30 000 words per day for 2 days and boom the book is complete. That unrealistic expectation is what was standing in my way.

A couple of months went by and my writing was going well, until I reached writers block. I terrible demon that every writer faces when they are nearing the end of the book. I reached out to my mentor again and he had wise words to share – especially since he had struggled with writers block many times. He told me to write as if I was planning to throw the paper away. He told me that writers block comes when we try write perfectly. This drive for perfectionist scares us into writing anything and we become fixated with doing it right, as opposed to doing anything at all. As J.K Rowling said, “I write every day, even if I am not feeling it, because at least I will have something to edit tomorrow.”

In the end, I finished my book and with my mentors help I published the book and achieved one of my greatest dreams. The secret sauce to success is simple, in order to achieve greatness, find someone who has done what you want to do and ask them how they did it. Learn from them. Pick their brains. And follow their orders. This is your one chance at life to live your dreams.

In conclusion, find people who have the success you want and model them. They can give you the quickest path to your dreams.



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