Why following your dream is rewarding?


Why is following your dream rewarding?

I am blessed in that I am living my dream. It wasn’t easy though. To be honest, I was forced into it. A few months ago I was retrenched from work and my confidence was low – rock bottom to be precise. I had to believe in myself when everyone around me was pitying my circumstances. Everyone was telling me it’s ok that I was retrenched. It’s ok to be a failure. We all go through that. It made me feel angry, and that anger is what got me out of bed in the first place.

I channelled that intense emotion into my work and slowly, but surely, I started doing what I love. I started writing every day and helping people along their journey. I was absolutely loving it. Then I started making money from what I love. More money than I was making in the corporate game. I started LOVING MONDAYS! Doesn’t that sound strange? I started loving Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s… because I wasn’t living for someone else, I was living for me.

I also had the privilege of going back to my old work a few days ago, and unfortunately a new round of retrenchments is expected. I walked into the office a massive smile plastered on my face, and what I saw in other people’s expression was hope. They saw that I was able to turn a tough circumstance into a positive one and they felt hopeful that they could do the same. And for me, that is the most rewarding thing of following your dream. You have the ability to help someone else BELIEVE in themselves, by being the example and believing in yourself first.

Is it going to be easy?

Oh no. HELL NO! It won’t be easy. It will be gruelling, tough, excruciating and even at times painful. You are going to have people laugh in your face, push you down and wipe dust on your face. You are going to have to believe in yourself when no one else is willing to. You are going to have to get out of bed when every muscle in your body is begging you to sleep. You are going to have to walk alone, stand alone and fight alone. But, one thing I can also tell you, is that once you reach the top and see the view… my word, it will be worth it. Worth every second of the pain. Worth every second of the heartache. Worth every second you spent working towards your dream.

Your dream is not only for you… it can help millions of other people. It is time to take action



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