How to motivate others

“Inspiration is a transfer of enthusiasm”

What is inspiration?

For me, inspirational people are those who do not just talk but they act in accordance to their dreams. They are the ones that do not just say that want to change the world, but put every piece of their energy into realising that dream. Now, doing what you love is different for each person. It is not to say that if you don’t change the world, you are not an inspiration. If your passion is to be the best parent in the world or to work with underprivileged kids, that’s AWESOME. As long as what you are chasing is what makes you happy, that is inspirational. Inspirational people follow their dreams, whatever they may be, with grit and undying determination. Is that you?

How can we inspire others with our story?

Most people don’t believe that they have anything to share. That their story is average and boring and no one could ever learn from them. That is furthest from the truth!!! No matter who you are, or where you are, you have the potential to touch someone’s life in a profound way. For example, if you are a parent, you are able to inspire others who want to become parents. You can teach others who are starting their parenting journey. Just because you haven’t survived a shark attack or climbed Mount Everest, it doesn’t mean that your story doesn’t mean something. You have greatness within you and your story has the potential to touch someone’s life.

Tips to inspire people through speech

  1. Tell stories, stories are the way in which we learnt to communicate and share knowledge thousands of years ago. It worked then, it still works now.
  2. Personalise, sharing your personal story allows people to live through your lesson. They can feel your feelings and enjoy your adventure, which allows them to experience it as well. You can touch people through your authentic story.
  3. Make a point, ensure the story you tell is aligned to your greater message, otherwise you may confuse people.
  4. Preparation, practise and practise and practise. You can never be too good at speaking to not practise.

And remember, this is your story and you have value. Go to the world and share your story J



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