NEVER give up

“It is impossible to stop someone who NEVER GIVES UP!”

Why do people give up?

People keep telling me that they want to do amazing things, like; write a book, start a business or even become an astronaut, and then, as quickly as the excitement comes from dreaming, they drop into a pit of dismay and tell me all the reasons why they can’t do it. I don’t have the time, money, knowledge, skills, people or even luck. People have so many reasons for giving up and so few reasons to keep going. People become experts of their limitations. They know everything and anything about their limitations and that stops them. Dead. In. Their. Tracks.

Success takes patience and CONSISTENT action

There is a tree in the Far East that is known as the Chinese Bamboo tree. This tree has an extremely tough exterior and it takes five years of diligent nurturing, watering and sunlight in order for the tree to pierce the ground. Therefore the first five years of the tree’s life is lived under the ground.

If one day of nurturing is missed the tree has a good chance of dying and collapsing in the ground. After five years of meticulously cultivating the tree it will finally penetrate the ground with a tiny shoot and just six weeks later the tree will have grown over 90ft tall.

Now the question is, did the tree take six weeks or over five years to grow 90ft tall? That’s easy, it took over five years, because if at any time the person stopped watering, feeding and nurturing the tree, that tree would’ve died in the ground.

It’s the same with your dreams, you’ll be working hard at making them come true and the results won’t be instant. People will laugh at you and ask you; “Why are you wasting your time watering your dream?” They may even mock you; “It’s taken five years and you haven’t even broken through the ground yet.” Most people stop following their dreams because they don’t get instant results, and consequently believe they have failed.

If you want something badly enough you have to keep watering your dreams. You have to create the foundation, the roots to support your 90ft growth. You have to nurture your dreams; you have to grow into the person who can achieve your dreams, learn the content to be an expert, practise your ability to perfection, create the right networks and when you encounter failure you have to get back up and keep believing and nurturing your dream. Every day we have to get back up to keep running towards our dream.

Is it going to be easy?

Oh no. HELL NO! It won’t be easy. It will be grueling, tough, excruciating and even at times painful. You are going to have people laugh in your face, push you down and wipe dust on your face. You are going to have to believe in yourself when no one else is willing to. You are going to have to get out of bed when every muscle in your body is begging you to sleep. You are going to have to walk alone, stand alone and fight alone. But, one thing I can also tell you, is that once you reach the top and see the view… my word, it will be worth it. Worth every second of the pain. Worth every second of the heartache. Worth every second you spent working towards your dream.

And, if you just take one thing from my message today, let it be this. That no matter how hard it gets, you are GOING TO MAKE IT!

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