Belief is the key to success

Aerodynamically, a bumblebee isn’t capable of flying (i.e. it is impossible), though it doesn’t know that, so it continues flying anyway. That is the power of belief.

Whenever you listen to a motivational speaker or inspirational person they will always say that one of the foundations of their success is belief. Why? Because belief is the juice that pushed them to try and try and try again, no matter how hard it seemed, no matter how much people mocked them and no matter how many times they failed before. The power of success lies in never giving up. Not convinced? Let me prove it.

When you were a baby, how many attempts did your parents give you to walk before telling you to give up? Zero, right? No parent ever walks up to a baby and says;

  • “Ah come on Jimmy, it’s not that hard.”
  • “You’re doing it wrong!”
  • “Time to give up, it’s not possible.”
  • “Stop it now Jimmy, you’re getting in people’s way dammit!”
  • “Ag, you’ll never get it right.”

And if a parent did say that they should receive the worst parent of the century award.

So what happens… the baby tries and tries and tries until he walks… never giving up. What is so interesting is that nearly every baby turns into a walking adult, and it is not because they got it right first time, or second time, or twentieth time. It is because they didn’t stop trying when they got tired, frustrated or despondent.

There is a beautiful saying that goes; “It is impossible to stop someone who never gives up!” Now imagine you took that stance on life. That when things are not working out, the lights are cut off, your friends are gone, your business is failing and you look into the mirror saying, “It’s not over until I SUCCEED! I won’t STOP!” That is the kind of energy and passion that puts warm blood through my veins. You have to believe, believe that it is you who is meant to take this journey, face these obstacles, uplift these communities and leave a mark that only you can leave.

Belief can move mountains, create cities and put man on the moon.


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