Make today YOUR winning day

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Do you know someone who is just happy everyday of their lives? Have you ever wondered, how do they do it? Do they drink some magical drink? Do they have those happy pills that we sometimes dream of? No, of course not.

They are just human, like me and you.

We can learn from these titans of happiness and fulfilment, as they do things better than we do, namely, (i) look at the blessings in their lives instead of the hardships and (ii) they speak nicely to themselves.

I know, I know… it sounds too simple, right? (Maybe even over-simplified) But think about it, when last did you compliment yourself? When last did you give yourself that pep talk? We expect other people to respect, love and be nice to us, yet how often do we do it for ourselves? We are bombarded with thousands of blessings everyday yet we focus on the one tiny flaw and say the day was horrible.

Remember there are people in this world that would give anything to live your life for a day, YOU ARE BLESSED and HIGHLY FAVOURED.


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