How to overcome procrastination!

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Procrastination is the disease of delaying or postponing action… have you ever procrastinated?

So let’s examine, what causes procrastination?

What the research is telling us is that firstly, procrastination occurs when people are no longer motivated to achieve the goal. They have forgotten why they ever started and therefore the motivation, or juice like I like to call it, has dwindled to extinction. In order to motivate yourself again, it is critical that you remember what you are trying to achieve and WHY! As Les Brown says, “When you know the why to what you are doing, you can overcome any how! Let your reasons get you back up.”

The next thing that stops people is that they are not sure what the immediate next step is. There is a saying, eat an elephant one bite at a time, the problem is that most people don’t know which bite to start with. They uhm and ah on what the first bite should be, without ever actually starting. Eventually another more exciting project pops up and they lose interest all together.

Does this sound familiar at all? If so, check out Episode #15 to find out what else holds people back and how to overcome procrastination.

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