Your dream is POSSIBLE

“No matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, I AM GOING TO MAKE IT!” – Les Brown

Think about a baby:

How many attempts do parents give their baby to walk before telling them to just give up? How many parents, after a couple of weeks say;

  • “Ah come on Jimmy, it’s not that hard.”
  • “You’re doing it wrong!”
  • “Time to give up, it’s not possible.”
  • “Stop it now Jimmy, you’re getting in people’s way dammit!”
  • I would guess none, otherwise that parent should be given the worst parent of the century award.

The baby tries and tries and tries until he reaches his goal… never giving up. The beauty is that virtually every baby turns into a walking adult because they don’t stop trying when they are tired, down and out… they stop when they are done, when they have learnt to walk. Imagine you took that stance in life. “I won’t stop until I finish.” Do think anything would be able to stop you?

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