New Years Resolution

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Hasn’t this become the biggest lie of our generation? Nearing this time of year the countless status updates and inspirational quotes about how finally they have seen the light and are now determined to change their lives, quite frankly it makes me sick. What is different from this year to last year? Why all of a sudden are people going to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk?

Ok, ok, enough being a cynic. In all honesty it is better to hope for a brighter year than to remain pessimistic. I guess I am just tired of loud mouth people who prefer to be seen at parties rather than libraries… with fake people rather than mentors… as better than others rather than helping others – and then still wondering why life is not turning out for them.

Let us be the example, instead of the nameless loud mouths. Let us declare this year be our year, this day be our day, this life be our purpose… to strive, thrive and BE the example. Please note, this is not a light declaration. This doesn’t mean that you can be the example every now and again, but rather that day in and day out you are the example (even when you don’t want to be). This means that we say no to TV and yes to books, no to distractions and yes to hard work, no to others disbelief and YES TO OURSELVES! This is the time to say YES to your dreams, YES to our life purpose and YES to what we deserve… because greatness is a life worth living.

This is the year where I will strive to inspire people to live positively and purposefully by BEING the example. How will history remember you?

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